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GWIT extends its boundaries to the offline world with regular Events hosted in and around the Middle East and Africa region, for women to come forth and experience the technological advances and opportunities available to women across the globe.



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Sunday, October 21, 2012

GWiTA Doha, Qatar Launching Event

GWiTA Doha held its first event in Doha, with a vision of connecting and encouraging women in the field of technology and Internet.  GWiTA Doha officially launched on 16 October, and partnered with women leaders from @DohaTweetUps, a leading online community brining online ideas to offline events in Doha.

At the kickoff event, 20 women (university students and working professionals) shared their interests in technology and exchanged ideas on GWiT and future events.  The highlight of the event was the speaker session, featuring Nina Curley, Editor-in-Chief from @WamdaME. 

Nina shared her views on online presences as individuals and entrepreneurship in the Middle East. Nina suggested that each woman should align her online presence to a brand she wants to be perceived.  In an era of social media, every woman should also be aware of privacy rights provided by each social tool – sharing content only with intended audience and googling your name to protect your online reputation.

Nina also encourages women, who want to pursue a journalism career covering technology, to get involved with startup communities in the Middle East and up-to-date with technology trends.  As Nina mentioned, traditional career paths may no longer apply to today’s job market, and if you are passionate about something, “Just do it!”

For more info on GWiTA Doha or to get involved with technology, connect with us on gplus.to/gwitdoha.

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